Diabetes Self Managment Education - Providers

Diabetes Self Management Education

Our goal is to collaborate with the patient's provider to provide education and improve quality of care. Our diabetes self-management education program (DSME) is accredited by the American Association of Diabetic Educators. Your patients will learn comprehensive diabetes management education to help them achieve individual behavioral and treatment goals that optimize health outcomes and promote self-management of diabetes. 

Managing diabetes requires a team of experts who collaboratively work together in their field of expertise. For those patients with special needs or specific educational goals, such as carbohydrate counting, one-on-one DSME is available. We have a registered dietitian (RD) and certified diabetes education (CDE) available for medical nutrition therapy and individualized diabetes care. 


If you have a patient you would like to refer to our program, simply complete the Referral Form and fax to our office at (713) 500-3220. Please be sure to include all requested data. If you do not have a recent A1C, we will obtain one for you at the first visit. If, for some reason, we are not able to schedule your patient, or your patient requests services other than our comprehensive program, we will communicate this to you.

If you have any questions, please call (713) 500-3267. We are passionate about diabetes and look forward to working with you and your patients.

Follow Up and Communication

Our educators are available to answer your patient’s questions regarding topics covered in class, or discussion points unique to their situation. We are available by email or phone, and this information is given to your patients during their first class.

Communication with referring providers is important to us. We will let you know when your patients schedule and attend classes, and provide you with a synopsis of their work in the form of an individualized goals sheet. Please let us know your preferred method of communication, whether email or fax, so we can facilitate our communication.

Patients are asked to follow up with us at 6 months and 12 months following completion of the program. This will provide them ongoing support, while allowing us to track the success of our program.